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Wednesday 10th of July, 2002: 0.5.0 - Autoconf time

Huge update, with the addition of several libraries/subsystems. Documentation is still scarce, but libxinet is what you want to create a select()-based server with, libxigfx has some additional code to initialise all SDL libraries supported in one go (SDL screen, SDL_mixer if you have it). (This code is not entirely done, or fully usalbe yet)

Another new library is libxithings, for creating/adding attribute tags to in-game objects like monsters, players and their equipment. Everything is keyword-based, so it's optimised for ease of use, not speed.

Finally, I have undertaken the painstaking shift over to configure scripts. It took seven or eight hours off last Sunday, but at least it bloody works. Everything compiles wonderfully, except for an unused variable warning in libxicgi. Small changes around to ease future porting include a new header file, xios.h. Including will include proper headers for string functions (string.h or strings.h where applicable). It's not really doing any much yet, until I have figured out what platform differences I need to adjust for. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Bugfixes/tweaks: Using ulong/ushort instead of the long-winded XIulong/ XIushort typedefs. Hopefully it's available most places; xios.h caters for WIN32 target on Mingw32. libxigfx has the finalised version of views. Simpler, and with colourkeys actually working. Yay.

Bad news: I have no direct CVS access for a while, so I can't be arsed to update it. Latest CVS is the equivalent of 0.3.6, so it's very much behind.

Sunday 24th of March, 2002:

Lots of minor changes and bugfixes. Only new feature: circular lists.

Wednesday the 19th of December:

Cobbled together this homepage and some soothing graphics for the buttons. Released version 0.3.3 of Xiqual Tools, mostly due to a tiny bug in list handling. Still unemployed.

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