Xiqual 0.9.1

In file include/hash.h:

typedef struct HashNode

Basic hash node.

[more]struct HashNode *next
Next node in chain.
[more]char* name
Name of node.
[more]ulong crc
CRC of the name.
[more]void* data
User-definable data.


Basic hash node. The structure retains its CRC for faster lookup and recalculation when merging hash tables.
ostruct HashNode *next
Next node in chain. There is no pointer to the next node in the hash table; you must iterate through the buckets manually. Sorry.

ochar* name
Name of node. This is the string used to generate the node's key, which in turn determines what bucket to stick it in.

oulong crc
CRC of the name. Used internally for faster comparison in hash_find(). Also used to quickly recalculate position when the node moves to a new hash table.

ovoid* data
User-definable data. Hash nodes would be pretty useless without this field.
See Also:
hash_newnode(), crc32_calc(), HashTable

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