Xiqual 0.9.1

LUI: Core functions

o lui_init
Initialise the Lame User Interface.
o lui_quit
Finish using the Lame User Interface.
o lui_ghost
Toggle "ghosted" pattern over a gadget.
o lui_addgadget
Add a gadget to the global lists.
o lui_remgadget
Remove a gadget from the global lists.
o lui_newgadget
Create gadget, and automatically set certain tags.

LUI:the Lame User Interface

To use LUI gadgets, you should pass the XI_LUI tag to xi_init() when starting your program. Only buttons and lists are possible to create yet, but more is to come in a few days.

All gadgets created can be added to the global lists for automatic handling with lui_addgadget(). lui_remgadget() can be used if you want to remove anything before exit (LUI frees all gadgets automatically, though). All the gadgets have several "methods" that can be called for various effects, but these are mostly internal. Of most interest are the destroy() and draw() methods.

Common tags

When creating a gadget, you need to pass many settings to get it rendered properly. Here's the list of tags which all gadgets support:

Ronny Bangsund
See Also:
bt_new(), lst_new()

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