Xiqual 0.9.1

In file include/xitags.h:

#define XI_VARARG

(call, ret)

Macro for vararg taghandling.


Macro for vararg taghandling. This macro is used internally in Xiqual to process the taglists passed to many of its functions. It may also be of use if anyone else wants to make use of tags in their functions.

Examples of its use can be found in the Xiqual sources. Basically, the calling method in Xiqual has the function taking arguments (ulong tag1, ...), then calling XI_VARARG(function_nameA((tagitem *)&tag1), argtype). Not much easier, but less typing.

call - A function call, passing (tagitem *)&tag1 as one of its parameters. You take all the parameters not automatically handled by this macro in this.
ret - A typedef for the returnvalue. Note: this must be a pointer. Not very flexible, but these macros are for special purposes, anyway.
Whatever you pass as parameter ret.
See Also:
XI_VOIDARG(), va_start(), va_arg(), va_end()

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