Xiqual 0.9.1

XML functions

o xml_freedoc
Free an XML document.
o xml_newdoc
Creates an xmldoc structure from a string buffer.
o xml_loaddoc
Load an XML document and allocate an xmldoc structure.
o xml_savedoc
Save an XML document to a file.
o xml_addtaghook
Add a hook to handle a specific tag.
o xml_addentityhook
Add a hook function to handle an escaped character entity.
o xml_addgenentityhook
Add a generic hook function for all escaped entities.
o xml_addprocessinghook
Add a hook for a processing instruction.
o xml_addgentaghook
Add a hook that catches all unspecified tags.
o xml_parse
Walk through an XML document and call user-specified hooks.
o xml_prune
Walk through an XML document and remove unnecessary nodes.
o xmltag
An XML tag.
o xmldoc
The XML document structure.
This set of functions, known as xixml, are meant for use with XML as a pure data format. Stylesheets of any kind aren't directly supported. All function calls are geared towards loading a whole document and only accepting the tags an API user desires.

To parse a document, you need to specify hooks for different tags or categories. You may also specify contexts they're to be found in. Finally, you could simply list the tags and contexts allowed, then clean out the undesirables with xml_prune().

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