Xiqual 0.9.1

In file xitools/hash_merge.c:

HashTable* hash_merge

(ulong tag1,
  ... )

Merge any number of hash tables.


Merge any number of hash tables.

The parameters are HASH_TABLE tags pointing to existing tables you want to merge, plus any of the standard tags expected by hash_new(). The nodes from the old tables are simply moved over to the newly created table. On any recent hardware, this should manage to merge many lists of a million entries in a second.

If no HASH_SIZE tag is specified, the new table will be sized after adding together the sizes of the existing tables you specify. Remember to specify a larger size than the total of the old tables if you need to add more nodes to it later.

On success, all the old hash tables will be freed.

tag1 - First tag of several.
A combination of all supplied hash tables.
Ronny Bangsund

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