Xiqual 0.9.1

In file xitools/str_getvalue.c:

int str_getvalue

(int* val, char* str, int offset)

Converts a string to an integer.


Converts a string to an integer. The string value '*string' ia converted into an integer, and stored '*var'.
This function is capable of returning multiple values within one string if they are separated by white spaces. Example:

offset = str_getvalue(&val, "1 2 3 4", offset);

- val Pointer to an integer variable to store the next converted value.
str - Pointer to the NULL-terminated string to read from.
offset - Offset into the string to read from next. It should be zero on first call.
Offset to next value within the string. This can be used on the next call to convert the next value. Returns zero when it reaches the end of the string.
Shane O'Neill
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