Xiqual 0.9.1

In file xitools/xmlread.c:

struct xmldoc * xml_loaddoc

(char* name)

Load an XML document and allocate an xmldoc structure.


Load an XML document and allocate an xmldoc structure. This is the most convenient way to load a document if you already have it on disk somewhere.

NOTE: This reader is very rough, and won't do much beyond reading XML 1.0 documents and splitting into a shrubbery of nodes. Hook functions will be added as I develop it further.

The current release is guaranteed to work for well-formed documents. Validation hooks may come later.

It's only going to be sufficient for loading of simple datafiles for games (mostly configuration files, but I see no reason why a bit of Lua code shouldn't be possible).

XML defines all text between opening and closing tags as sacred. In other words, every bit of formatting is preserved. Hook functions here will allow you to sanitise any data that shouldn't be full of newlines and such, for example names.

- name Filename to load.
Ronny Bangsund
See Also:
xml_newdoc(), xml_freedoc(), xmldoc, variable

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