Xiqual 0.9.1

In file xitools/xmlread.c:

struct xmldoc * xml_newdoc

(char* buf,
  char* name)

Creates an xmldoc structure from a string buffer.


Creates an xmldoc structure from a string buffer. This is one of two possible methods to allocate an XML document structure. The other method is a convenience function that loads the file into memory.

If the loader detects unbalanced tags anywhere, it will fail. Some binary files could be parsed, but the end result will usually be an empty xmldoc structure. Do some checking for overlapping tags, unfinished opening tags etc.

NOTE: The buffer will be modified.

- buf NULL-terminated memory with XML-like text
- name Name for the document. If called from xml_loaddoc(), the name will contain whatever path was also specified.
Pointer to an xmldoc structure; see above for error conditions.
Ronny Bangsund
See Also:
xml_loaddoc(), xml_freedoc(), xmldoc

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